1. A punk rock kid who loves pink,unicorns,rainbows,sparkles and all thing girly and whimsical.
2. I love Love,Hugs and Kisses ♡
3. I’m a very shy person.
4. I treat everyone equally except for those people who steps on others foot I ignore them like forever and ever. Those kind of people are not worthy to live.
5. My favorite color is black and pink.
6. I hate judgmental people and anything that is eww like creepy crawlies.
7. Studying fashion design in Slim’s Fashion and Arts School.
8. My dream is to have my own rtw line soon named Dainty Dangerous (opening really soon in the future)
9. I have two sibling Wrianne and Jules.
10. A Chinese who doesn’t know how to speak Chinese.
11. Marina and the Diamonds ,Lana Del Rey and 1975 is my jam when I’m lonely or mad. It makes me feel better.
12. Totally a daydreamer. I daydream a lot. I even talk and laugh to myself most of the time and it totally creeps out my friends haha! I’m such a freaking weirdo!
13. I love buying anything that is cute and funny and “Kawaii”
14. My fave country to go to is Japan.
15. I’m a total sweet tooth specially for cupcakes that’s why I’m chubby. I like eating anything with chocolate,rainbow sprinkles,gummy bears,cotton candy and ice cream on it.
16. Trying my best to lose weight and be fit. Curse you sweet munchies you’re making me fat!!!
17. Everyday of my life I always try my best not to be mad cuz I’m a mixture of Incredible Hulk and Regina George when mad.
18. I have M.P.D. ( Multiple Personality Disorder ) so it means I have alter personalities. There’s three of them their names are Marilyn,Jasper and Baby Boy.
19. My role model in life is Shelley a playboy bunny from the movie House Bunny cuz I’m the kind of person who lifts people up and making them feel better and sexy about themselves rather than judging them in their imperfections. As I said on number four I hate judgmental people.
20. My dream life for myself is just to own a pink house, a monster car,have a stable job,love a lot and most of all to be healthy and happy.

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Yesterday me and Ger decided to wear something that is fun like super fun,lovely and funny. So Ger asked me to wear my clown sweater cuz she remembered that she have one too which we all bought our outfits at the Ukay again haha! :))

Most of the time my friends ask me why am I always laughing and talking to myself most of the time. I told them “because half of my soul lives in another dimension. A place where everything is cute and funny. A place that is so nice and full of joy and happiness. Everything is really comfortable and safe no one would ever hurt you. The word or feeling called “pain” never ever existed.

So here’s a picture of what kind of people that lives inside my imagination.

Baby Whore :D

Punk Daddies
I think I’ll be something like them in the future very very soon.

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♡ My dream room ♡

Dressmaking 2 Project 1 at Slim’s Fashion and Arts School


Modern Love Editorial
MUA/Hair: Kristina Marie Feyerherm
Styling: Colin Boettcher
Assistant: Emiley Smith
Model: Stasia with Ford
© Cassie Scott


Art Photography: THE JUANDERER
Model:Rommanikko Ralph
Did a photoshoot today for my fashion design prof. Sir Nikko. I’m so thankful PNR for letting us do this wonderful shoot!

real-occult-media asked: Your outfit is dope dude!!!!!! (Pic with Ger)

Thanks :D

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Pre-Ma Donna

The bubblegum pink lipstick applied smoothly, grazing every part of her naked lip. she started the chore of removing the curlers from her hair, looking in the mirror as she did it.

No Matter how much makeup she caked on her face, no matter how many material items she received, it would never be enough. It would never be enough what she saw in the mirror. She was a Prima Donna at her prime, yet she couldn’t get over her dull brown eyes and crooked upper teeth.

Even as her maids brought her drinks and towlettes, she couldn’t stop staring. She couldn’t stop thinking how no one would ever want her.

How she would never be enough. She would never be enough for everyone.