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Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is a lie.

Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is just a phase.
Don’t tell me that Gender Fluid is childish.

I live and breath my gender fluidity. I proudly stand within the Gender Queers in support of a new, gender variant society.

Gender is the seed that has sprouted into the discriminatory, bigoted & bland society we live in. When you dig down deep into the issues surrounding the world right now it all comes back to one tiny little fuck up. The idea that biological sex somehow determines the gender roll of individuals is a lie. In fact, gender rolls is a lie. Just because I identify as gender fluid does not mean that I must uphold any societal expectation, associated with gender fluidity.

Plain and simple, I plan on having two children.
I will not teach my little boy to “be a man.”
I will not teach my little girl what it means to “be a woman.”
Instead, i’ll teach my children to just simply be good people.
Because a society full of good people makes for a better life than a society full of classified, judgmental, opinionated and shallow people.

Thank you,
Elliott Alexzander

This message brought to you by House of Alexzander

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This always happens at school every time I talk to Mr.Kung Fu Panda. Some bitches gone mad and be like…. that :)))

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I was too scared to let you get too close and now I wish you were right under my skin.

But It’s Too Late Now (#377: April 8, 2014)

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Whenever I speak with you, I end up dying more, a little more

Frida Kahlo (to Diego Rivera)

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candymagloves:Happiness doesn’t find you, you find it.

The whole playing hard to get thing should never take place when it comes to happiness. You spend all this time telling yourself to just sit back, relax, and wait for the universe to shower you with all things great, nice, and filled with love because “if it’s mean to be, it will be” when you shouldn’t buy into that lie. Don’t wait for happiness to be thrust upon you but instead chase it. Chase your own happiness because one thing’s for sure, no one else will do it for you.

5 Reasons Why It’s Time You Should Get Out of Your Comfort Zone (via candymag.com)

Welcome to our society 😊. You will be judged on what your wear, your taste of music, what you look like, and how you act. Enjoy your stay ✌😃!

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The Rabbit and the Serpent (by Eugénie Grey)

I dunno why but this girl’s album both The Perfectionist and Trouble understands my life all my problems my tragic teenage affair, like no joke I’m really serious! specially her song “If I was God” It’s about all the lies I did in my life I never lie actually it was just an escape to the pain an illusion,an ideaolgy, an imagination to protect myself from pain and my loved ones from disapoinment…

So if you wanna know the real me just listen to “The Perfectionist” I’m a hundred percent sure it’s all about my life.It’s just weird but it really does tell the story of my life.

Candy Coated

Cardigan:Monday to Sunday| Polo Shirt: Molecules| White Pants:Penshoppe| Bowpin: Gerr Err Capuz| Shoes: H&M

Late post again wore this outfit 2 months ago on my 20th birthday omg! I’m really old -_- ,that’s why I was going for this young fresh pastel candy coated look. I may be 20 but I still feel sweet as 16! :) Oh and this is my baby ChaCha she’s a Chihuahua so cute! :3

Hype this look on Lookbook here.

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