Care Bears and The Trip To Granny’s Garden


White Poloshirt: Molecules| Bowpin:Doll Kiss (Shibuya 109)| Shorts:Uniqlo| Bag:Wade| Shoes: Sebago| Neon Teddy Bear: Blue Magic


This an outfit I wore at my Granny’s house yesterday.I wore these kinds of clothes every time I go visit my grandma cuz she just loves seeing me in this cute preppy clothes, she always tells me how cute I am and all that.Well I know she only says those things cuz I’m one of her fave grandson.But I’m not sure about that my mom is the only one who said it.


So yesterday’s look is about one of my fave looks ever the Loli-Shota.

To those who don’t know what kind look this is you can see the first post about loli-shota here.Oh and see that bear it’s been in my Lola’s house for years now and still keeps it original shape so cool so cute! ;)


I just love everything at my granny’s house,here you feel free,comfortable,cozy and happy and the best part about that is you feel super safe no one will harm you cuz you that granny is always there to kill those meanies.Plus there’s unlimited supply of milk,cookies,gummy bears and icecream, and she always cooks my fave dish the garlic shrimp and her famous fried chicken recipe yes no one ever can beat the yummyness of her freid chicken! This is why I’m a chubby lil kiddo! haha! :)))


oh would you look at that my teddy has a twin hahaha! kidding that’s my sister Wrianne and you can hype this look on lookbook here.

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Tokyo Japan (Day 6): Cup Noodle Museum, Yokohama

So this is my last day in Tokyo then the next day we’ll off to the airport which makes me gonna miss all the kawaii and the nice cutesy Japanese people. For our last day we went to Yokohama’s Nissin Cup Noodle Museum! The museum exhibits all the cup noodles around the world even our own Pancit Canton and Lucky Me Chicken Mami is on display.The most fun part we did in the museum is we get to design our own cup noodle at the last room in the museum you’ll be given two plain white cups and you get to design them using colored markers then once you’re done with it you also get to choose and make your own noodle flavor.

Hmm… Pretty sure in the future I’ll be goin back to Japan to go shopping and learn more about their culture specially kawaii and I’ll be really missing the harajuku girls my long lost sisters! Save me from my fatal attraction to cuteness! :D

This is the real person behind all the hair,fashion,makeup,photoshop and most of all “The Girdle” that makes my fats hide all the way and I looked totally skinny in my editorial like pics I post on my social media profiles haha! :)))

So I posted this cuz a lot of people specially the ones I only met online says that I can be a model or actor or something and these past few days some of my highschool friends and random people keeps sending messages to apply and tagging me on this particular pic that says “Looking for ramp models” for a event this September called Kawaii in Manila 2. It’s a event that I really wanted to go to but I never ever imagined that some people think that I can model for and event like that so it made me laugh so hard specially when the same pic keeps on sending and tagging on my social media profiles . Well I just want to say to these people that thank you I’m flattered but I’m not the person you think I was or lookin for and sorry that my pics got you all fooled.

The only reason that I’m doing this cuz I’m a fashion blogger and that’s what people like me do we have to look good and edit our pics for the love of fashion.

ABC Lettering Essentials: Materials



I’ve been constantly asked about the materials I use as a hand letterer, and while I have shared some of the weapons of mass creation that make my lettering pieces come alive, I’m doing an update to let you guys in on some tools I currently use.

A year of freelancing has opened many opportunities for me to further enhance my craft and know which materials are essential for my work. Although it’s only been a year and I have more to learn, I hope this post will be adequate enough for aspiring letterers out there who are planning to start this out as a hobby. Freelancing at a young age is hard, promise - I’m not discouraging you, but it took a lot of effort to work especially if you’re like me who started this thing as a student. I suggest taking it slow first and making it a hobby to not put too much pressure on yourself.

Anyway, I’m not here to sermon about lettering in general so let’s move on to the materials I use. :)

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Tokyo Japan (Day 5): Kawaii Harajuku (原宿) Justin in Wonderland

This day is one of my most fun and happiest day in my life ever cuz for our fifth day we went to Harajuku(原宿) it’s a fun, bright and creative street style which is very hot right now in the streets of Harajuku, Tokyo Japan. As referred by Gwen Stefani they have wicked style, Gwen is very inspired by these girls and Japan culture as stated in her latest album. Infact the has her own range of accsessories named afer her Harajuku girls. The range is called L.A.M.B which stands for Love.Angel.Music.Baby (The names of her harajuku dancers), the range features clothes, hair accessories and even Gwen has launched her brand new digital camera just launched in the U.S a few years ago. If you’ve heared Gwen’s latest album then you probably know that almost every single song has the word “harajuku girls” or “harajuku”

Gwen Stefaniu:Harajuku girls, you got the wicked style. I like the way that you are I am your biggest fan.
OK! now let’s get back to seriousness let’s talk about the originals not that copycat Gwen Stefani haha! ;))

No wonder that Tokyo is a huge fashion icon around the world. Teenagers in Japan dress in colourful clothes. They mix and match different clothing and create their own style, with big bright coloured hair and cute accsessories. 

Though it was really just shopping area it became a Sunday hangout for the fashionistic teens of Japan in the 80’s when street performers and wildly dressed kids started showing up to show off there own musical and artistic creations. Through this artistic outburst have come many subcultures such as: Gyaru,Visual KeiLolitaDecoraGanguro, etc. 

Look at these Gyaru girls a total fatal attraction to cuteness kawaii and the crepe shop. Crepes are totally the “it food” in Harajuku.Everywhere you go there’s crepe in all types of falvors they even have the weird exotic flavors yum! :D

Gyaru is japanese slag for gal. There are many different types of Gyaru and they all have they’re own distinct awesome fashions! Its pretty much a japanese subculture. love fashion? you should look them up. you can learn stuff. Kaoru Watanabe is one of the worlds greatest gyaru!

There are many styles in Harajuku and it’s hard to remeber it all, but there’s onr fashion that we will never forget when it comes to Harajuku the Lolitas! :D

Lolitas are girls that tries to capture the innocence of youth, and nostalgia for the 19th century. Knee length puffy skirts, lacy blouses, platform mary janes and head dresses are standared attire. This fashion was popularized by Mana from the band Malice Mizer, and has nothing to do with Gwen Stefani. 

There are several tyles of lolita: 

Gothic lolita: Clothing is dark blues, reds and blacks. Very similar to Victorian mourning garb, only with shorter skirts. A prime example is the brand Moi meme Moitie. 

Sweet lolita: Light pastle colors and florals, lots of lace, and more childlike. An example is the brand Baby the Stars Shine Bright. 

Classic lolita: Shorter versions of clothing that looks like it is from the French and English country side during the 1900s. Less lacey and more mature looking.
Loli-Shota-Loli-shota is referring to the words lolita which is the cutesy clothing style in which girls dress in clothes that make them appear like little girls and shota which is the term often used infanfiction to indicate the inclusion of young, pre- and early pubescent boys in sexual acts, usually with much older adult men. The terms, when used in conjunction, often represent a young boy who is overly effeminate, or “cutesy”.That character Honey from Ouran Host Club is totally loli-shota.

This is the best part of my trip to Harajuku. Me and my sister went inside this shop that is super famous in Harajuku it’s called 6% Doki Doki! :D

Here’s me outside the shop with two Harajuku Girls in a fashion style called “Decora”,A Tokyo stree style often mistaken for fRuIts that is identifiable through the use of toys as acessories to create an aura of playfulness and childhood. The toys are often very colorful, blink, make noises, and are closely related to youung children. Unlike fRuIts, decoras wear mostly simple clothes and endeavor to appear as kawaiias possible by decorating themselves excessively with accessories used with clothing that is bright, fuzzy, and innocent. Shoes are often oversized and shirts are almost always too tight. Females try to look as young as possible by wearing babydoll dresses, Mary Jane shoes, bows, ribbons, and colorful stockings. Their hair is usually dyed pink, blonde, or auburn and worn in pigtails or curled excessively. 

Sebastian Masuda, the man behind the cool Japanese clothing and accessories line 6% Dokidoki, was twenty-two when he first opened shop in Harajuku.The store caters mostly to Decora girls, a Japanese fashion style that relies on lots of color (pink being a favorite), lots of patterns and lots of accessories. 

Can’t wait to go back! I’ll be missing the fashion and all the kawaii.It’s like a dream come true a trip to the rabbit hole.Feeling like Alice in Wonderland.

Loli-Shota ( A Boy Lolita)

Polo:Giordano| Bow Pin:6% Doki Doki| Bag:Paul Smith| Pants:Penshoppe| Shoes: 21MEN
Loli-shota is referring to the words lolita which is the cutesy clothing style in which girls dress in clothes that make them appear like little girls and shota which is the term often used infanfiction to indicate the inclusion of young, pre- and early pubescent boys in sexual acts, usually with much older adult men. The terms, when used in conjunction, often represent a young boy who is overly effeminate, or “cutesy”.That character Honey from Ouran Host Club is totally loli-shota.

One of the most iconic brands that has contributed much to this cutesy outfit is no other than 6%DOKIDOKI.

From interesting combinations to colorful coordinates, 6%DOKIDOKI's creator Sebastian Masuda has answered the call of many Kawaii Japan Lovers like me for their dose of Sensational Kawaii Fashion.Just look at this kawaii ribbon! 

Tokyo Japan Day 4 (Part Two): Owakudani and The Black Eggs Add Years To Your Life

As part of our Japan Trip, we paid a visit to Hakone, just outside of Tokyo. We arrived at a dormant volcano called Owakudani where hydrogen sulfide and sulfulous acid gas steam out of the ground. While seeing this natural phenomenon is pretty interesting by the itself, the real reason why we came to the volcano was to eat some black eggs.

You see, the world famous black eggs — Kuro Tamago — from Hakone come with very special properties. The people cook regular chicken eggs in the volcanic groundwater, which happens to be a murky gray color. After cooking the eggs in this boiling hot water, the eggshell turns very dark black color. To my knowledge, these eggs don’t become poisonous from the sulfur. Instead, they have regenerative properties that add years to the lives of those who eat them.

According to the sign near where they sell these eggs:If you eat one egg, you will increase your longevity by 7 years.If you eat two egg, you will increase your longevity by 14 years.

We rode on a cable car on our way to Odakyu,Hakone. At first I thought riding this thing is fun but hell no! It scared the crap out of me!

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Tokyo Japan Day 4 (Part 1) : Chokoku-No-Mori Art Foundation,Hanoke Open Art Museum



I enjoyed every single thing about my trip to Hakone except for losing my camera’s memory so I have to delete some pics that I don’t really like….

Now, let’s talk about something else that was awesome…the Open-Air Museum, one of the other excursions during my short stay in Hakone.

Let’s kick things off with the name first. These frightful looking kanji…彫刻の森美術館 in hiragana are ちょうこくのもりびじゅつかん or Choukokunomori bijutsukan. Here are a few Japanese words for today. “Choukoku,” 彫刻, means sculpture in Japanese, “No,” の,is like a possessive word (like ” ‘s”), Mori, 森 means forest, and Bijutsukan, 美術館, is Japanese for museum. So when you put it all together, it translates (if I’m not mistaken) to mean Sculptures of the Forest Museum. It sounds so much cooler than the “Open-Air Museum,” but we’ll let it ride for today, ne?

The Open-Air Museum was a really cool experience cuz I am such big art fan. You could show me a series of famous paintings and I know them all but I probably couldn’t tell you who painted the single one of them cuz as I told you I’m a big fan of art but not reading hehe! :)). I can sit with you and discuss the nuances of fine art, but I can tell that the Open Air Museum was one of the most unique that I’ve ever been to.





This reminds me of Miley’s Wrecking Ball music video.Which makes me wanna go naked and sit on that ball.


This is so me such a deadly sculpture how lovely….





This is my fave part inside the museum they’re super cutesy kawaii colourful playground.I even played inside with my lil cousins even though I’m not allowed to haha! :)))


Another day made us all more better just cuz of these cutie patooties happy smiles and laughter! :)


 When I saw the great, big Picasso sign at the museum, I started thinking that he was the guy that was a bit mad, that cut off one of his ears. But that’s not Picasso at all, it’s Van Gogh. The Picasso exhibit was really cool because that had pictures of Picasso himself creating some of the very works that were on display. There were sketches, flubbed pieces, pictures of him with his wife, detailed descriptions (only in French and Japanese, though) and more. It was so interesting to see pieces of a master’s art work that were still in progress. Unfortunately this was one place where I wasn’t allowed to take pictures or record.


Here’s Gabriel Loire’s Symphonic Sculpture’s outside view


But as you take a look inside it’s a TOTALLY different story… AWSOMENESS!!!

I think the Symphonic Sculpture piece almost made drool. Don’t ask how, but I liked it. It was, hands down, my favorite exhibit in the museum but I’d have to say the runner-up goes to “Miss Black Power” by Niki de Saint Phalle (1968):


It’s good that mom took a picture with that sculpture cuz they kinda look alike they’re like fatsy twins haha! :)))

Tokyo Japan Day 3: DISNEY SEA


I feel like a total kid again at Tokyo Disney Sea cuz you know what they say in Disney imagination comes alive! Tokyo DisneySea is the best Disney theme park in the world. This is not just because of its stellar attraction lineup, but also because of its transportive sense of place, dining options, general ambiance, and the infectious attitudes of other guests and Cast Members. It’s difficult to fathom if you’ve never been, and this may seem like unattainable hype that the park could never live up to, but the whole of Tokyo DisneySea is so much more than the sum of its parts. This is really saying something, because those parts on their own are pretty impressive.



Oooh! Mickey shaped window and hand bars! such a kawaii train ride off to the land of imagination! :D



Why is it called Disney Sea?
Hmm, initially I thought the Disney Sea moniker come is derived from the the giant, yet friendly whale that transports the Disney Sea patrons to the REAL theme park which deep underwater. Man, oh man, if only that were true…it would be more amusing, but I guess there would be a bit of a liability issue for Disney if they did that.

The reason it’s called Disney Sea is because the park consists of six major sea-related themes: 1) The Mediterranean Harbor, 2) The American Waterfront, 3) Mermaid Lagoon, 4) The Arabian Coast, 5) The Lost River Delta, 6) Port Discovery, and 7) Mysterious Island.





Kawaii much Mickey shaped popsicles! munch! munch! :D


yum! I think this is the best sweet and sour tomato chicken dish I’ve ever eaten of all the chicken dishes in the world haha! :)) not too sweet not too sour just right and it kinda taste organic that’s why I love it!



The day went more better cuz we’ve seen the happy faces of our beautiful baby Leigh Anne and Liam.

Wandering free wish I could be part of that world…

At last here at my fave part in Disney Sea! ladies and gentleman and creatures of all kind presenting “The Mermaid Lagoon”from Mysterious Island, I saw another impressive mountain-like facade, inspired by King Tritron’s undersea kingdom from the film that revived Disney’s animated film division: “The Little Mermaid.”

Time for us to rest after a long day of walking :))

A Night Show Like No Other

Disney Sea’s night show was really what made me want to go back again.I didn’t have the best view, but it was incredible. There were magical water mirrors, fire-breathing dragons, music, and dancing. It was a magical melange of Disney magic to dazzle your senses. I know the shows do change from time to time, but I would imagine that all of them are equally wonderful. If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet…GO!


This is so me :)))) cute and funny :)))

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Note to self …. Cuz I always forget to save my heart I always give and give that I didn’t noticed anymore that I was getting abused.

Leather Vest, 21Men| Paint Splattered Gray Polo, Markus (SM Dept. Store)| Pants,Markus| Studded Shoes, Forever 21|Hype this on lookbook here

I know that it’s hot as hell these days but I still won’t take off my leather.I adore leather actually I cherish it so much that I eat,sleep and fuck leather.